Official Documents from Japan

Official Documents from Japan

Need official documents from Japan for procedures in your home country?

Do you need help? Is your government, your lawyer or your bank asking you to submit official documents from Japan that do not exist in Japan? We can assist.

Naturally, legal procedures in your home country will differ to those in Japan.
You may need official documents from Japan that do not exist in Japan.
There are language issues also and you may need notarization or an apostille etc.
Normally as-is documents will not be sufficient by themselves, and would not be accepted by your authority.
We can provide these. Here are some examples:

Certificate of Good Standing for your company

In Japan, the “annual return” or “annual report” system for a company does not exist, thus there is no franchise tax nor “Good Standing”. However, we have different annual requirements and these are not conducted by sole procedure.
Therefore we will need to combine some documents, make some arrangements, and prepare translations in order to submit a “Certificate of Good Standing”. We can assist.

Certificate of Birth, Death, Marriage and so on
In Japan a “family registration” system (not “individual”) is in place and related certificates are issued by the government; this makes the Japanese system different and more complex from a western perspective.
We can provide certificates in different styles to suit your specific needs.

Certificate of Land Registry (extract)
The Japanese government also provides title search tools online. However these are in Japanese only. We can assist.